Is SLT a Co-Op?

We consider SLT to be a homeschooling resource. Homeschool co-ops traditionally require parents to remain on-site and volunteer and/or teach classes. Most co-ops are not drop-off programs.

Is SLT a school?

No. SLT does not fit the model of a school. We do not keep attendance, health records, or grades/transcripts.

SLT is a homeschooling resource, designed to help families homeschool their children. (Our program is not intended to be an alternative to traditional schooling.)

Where does SLT meet?

Out of an abundance of caution, we reserve this information for families who enroll in the program. The general proximity of our location is in North County St. Louis, MO, near the intersection of Hyw 270 & West Florissant.

Can my child(ren) visit classes at SLT to see if we like it?

Yes. Visitation days are possible and are usually scheduled in batches. Please connect with our Director, Deb Hargrove, at admin@sharedlearningtime.com to inquire about upcoming available trial days.

Do I need to complete schoolwork outside of homework for SLT?

Most likely, yes. SLT is not intended to replace or account for the entirety of any child's homeschool work. As a leader of your own homeschool in the state of Missouri, you will likely notice that there are subjects and materials not offered by SLT from which your children would benefit. It it your responsibility to know the laws and adhere to them. Our program is here to support homeschooling families by allowing them to "outsource" some, but not all, classes.

Will my child participate in standardized testing with SLT?

No. Parents may, of course, choose to pursue standardized testing for their children independently.