Shared Learning Time

Who we are

Shared Learning Time is a homeschool resource program with a mission to partner with homeschooling families in the North County St. Louis metro area, in order to combine the benefits of instructor-led classroom experiences with the family’s independent homeschooling goals. We serve students between the PreK4 through 8th grade range.

Our story

In the mid-2010's a group of us homeschooling moms found ourselves stuck between wanting a more robust academic focus for our older children while caring for younger siblings and nursing young babies at the same time.

  • We knew we didn't want to use a traditional schooling approach.

  • We knew we didn't want another parent-led co-op (which we were also doing!)

  • But we also knew we needed help, mainly with just a few key subjects to help ease the workload at home.

After much prayer, deliberation, and searching for just the right set-up, we successfully found an instructor to help us achieve our dream, and in the fall of 2016, and created what came to be called, Shared Learning Time.

Our group started as a handful of families with about 8-12 children, in one class, with our "Wonder Woman" instructor/tutor, and has since grown to serve over 25 families, and 60 children, with help from over 11 instructors.

The community has grown not only in numbers, but also as an organization. As of 2021, Shared Learning Time, Inc. is now a registered non-profit in the state of Missouri. More exciting developments become possible with each passing year.

We're delighted you're here!

Our Values

Christian Worldview

Our program approach comes from a Christian, Biblical worldview. We honor the Bible as the inerrant, inspired Word of God. While not all of our curriculum is faith based, we will not use a curriculum that is counter-biblical in nature.

  • We believe the Bible is the inerrant, inspired Word of God.

  • We believe in only one God existing in three Persons–Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  • We believe Jesus is the Son of God who was both fully God and fully man in the form of Jesus, and that He died and rose from the dead to redeem all who would ask Him to be their Savior.

  • We believe the God of the Bible created all of the Earth, including all humankind, animals, and all things in nature.

  • We believe that God created humankind in His image and that the family unit is His design to teach humanity about His love, grace, and forgiveness.

The child’s religious education is the responsibility of the parent and their chosen church. Our desire is to be welcoming and respectful to all students and families regardless of their religious belief and personal worldview. We want all families to feel comfortable learning with us. Thoughtful, reasonable discussions about other worldviews will be respected. When it is part of the class subject, the worldview of the lessons will be from a Christian perspective. This allows the parent the opportunity to know what perspective a class is taught from and to have discussions with their children if they believe differently. We do not teach religion, but we do strive to show Christ’s love to all.


SLT recognizes the legal requirements of homeschooling in the state of Missouri belong to each family. The family is the central entity to a child’s learning and development. SLT’s hybrid approach is designed solely for homeschooling families. Our hope is that families who may feel overwhelmed with some of the aspects of homeschooling would find support through the lesson plans and classroom learning and activities. We desire to encourage families’ strengths in homeschooling in order to meet their homeschooling goals.


We believe that learning with peers is important in developing relational, leadership, and other real world skills. SLT is designed to give families the freedoms of homeschooling and also the benefits of the classroom experience to best meet the holistic needs of the child. Our approach is to provide the student with lessons that allow for creativity and flexibility in approach, where grades have limited value, and where students can receive the benefit of healthy peer involvement to advance their education. We strive to create a community for homeschooling families who support each other in educating and preparing their children for future endeavors. We strongly encourage families to volunteer in order to create a sense of community and shared learning at SLT. Areas to serve include:

  • Serving as a driver and chaperone for field trips

  • Volunteering to clean up classrooms, bathrooms, and entry/exit areas after classes.

  • Making copies, running occasional errands for instructors, and/or being available to support instructors in other ways, as requested by the program

  • Serving on committees- see Our Committees section for more details and open chairperson spots.

  • Organizing/coordinating study groups outside of classroom instruction time to engage the students and offer additional support to homeschooling families

  • Other volunteer opportunities you can think of, we would love to hear them!

*Background checks are required for all individuals who wish to volunteer with SLT.

Our philosophy

SLT does not adhere to one educational approach. Instead, we take principles and ideas from multiple styles to create a well rounded learning environment.

  • Character: We believe we must educate “the whole child, not just the brain.” -Charlotte Mason. We do this by intentionally building in character education throughout our core curriculum. We also believe that children need to feel safe and loved in order to meet higher educational goals. We believe that outdoor play and multiage interactions encourage and develop character in children. Out of the five hours of classroom instruction time, one hour is spent in lunch and social/active play. We believe students need this social interaction and time to move their bodies physically.

  • Discipline: We take a proactive approach to discipline by creating immediate relationships with parents and students. Instructors have already laid a foundational relationship with parents and students so navigating solutions is less intimidating behavioral concerns arise. We also have a strict behavior policy where kindness and tolerance is expected from staff, students, and parents.

  • Academics: We understand and value the importance of individual education goals. We do not adhere to a one size fits all education philosophy. Instead we believe in incorporating all learning styles into lesson plans to give students the chance to understand how they learn best and to meet the needs of each student. We also believe that education and learning happens in all aspects of a child’s life. It doesn’t happen just during “school hours.” Therefore we encourage parents to enhance at home lesson plans as they see fit for their own children.

Shared Learning Time's Board of Directors

Is made up of volunteer parents who partner with the Director, Instructors, and parents to ensure a smoothly running program for all involved.


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